Handmade Men’s Jewelry Launching Party at Co-op 28 Handmade, Vintage & Home


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Handmade Men’s Jewelry Launching Party at Co-op 28 Handmade, Vintage & Home

mylifemylogic- men's line launching party at Co-op 28

Hello beautiful, fun stuff! for not only Barbies this time, Kens are given some love too.

mylifemylogic men’s line launching party!!! along with handmade arts and crafts, vintage one-of-a-kind finds, just-opened furniture and home decor department, and you know, munchies and booze, laughters and hugs.

Saturday, August 24th, 2013 • 6 pm – 10 pm

if you can’t make it there for my hug,
here’s the store hour:
Monday-Thursday 11-7
Friday & Saturday 11-10
Sunday 12-8

Co-op 28 Handmade, Vintage & Home
1728-30 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, California 90027

Casually inviting you, in style.


Chinese Valentine’s Day- The Forbidden Love Story


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Chinese Valentine’s Day- The Forbidden Love Story

Whether you a fan mythology or not, stories are fun aren’t they? As sweet as “Chinese Valentine’s Day” might sound, the origin of this festival, also called 七夕 Qi Xi– The Seventh Sunset, is rather tragic.

Just like all old stories, since it’s spread by mouths and plagiarism wasn’t illegal yet back then, the Qi Xi tale has numerous slightly different versions. The version that I’ve heard of growing up is that 織女 Zhi Nu, a goddess who weaved in Heaven fell madly in love with 牛郎 Niu Lang, an ordinary cowherd who lived on Earth. They got married, had two children and lived happily ever after………………before God found out. (Weird, I thought god knows everything instantly and instinctively?) Anyway, God was furious as the divines were forbidden of loving let alone marrying a mortal, so he created a silver river (or the milky way) to separate the two for eternity.

Hurting nobody and creating no chaos (except for the two hybrids), the mismatch were deeply sympathized by all. Every year on the 7th day of the 7th Lunar month, all the magpies from all around the world would appear and form a bridge for the unfortunate lovers to reunite for one romantic night. In Chinese culture, magpies are also the symbol of love, luck and fortune. They are a popular subject to be used on wedding invitations and decorations. Too bad they could only swing it for Niu Lang & Zhi Nu once a year.

Now if you have found someone, quick, check if s/he is an immortal, and do everything you can to stay under radar! If you haven’t yet, who knows, somebody might be watching you and falling head over heels right this second.

Happy Qi Xi!!

Nathan Sawaya’s Art of Bricks Opens Your Kid at Heart


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My personal favorite piece- “Castle

Finally got a chance to see the internationally known Brick Artist– Nathan Sawaya‘s creation made of the good old plastic toy Lego. Catching it on the last day at Forest LawnGlendale, CA. 

The location of the exhibit is at a cemetery and memorial service center, making it such an interesting contrast. It is a place to cry, to mourn, and to deal with indescribable heartaches; yet, just like how ironic life gets here and there, it is also a place to see some bright and colorful artwork.

Driving along the curvy path, I breathed in a mixture of the scent of soil, lawn and tears. Strangely calming and soothing. Thinking how much I like the “inlay” style of gravestones compared to the one that stand vertical because it makes the already spacious environment look even more spacious. But then I also thought, it’d probably be challenging for an ADD like me, here being Absolute Direction Deficit. It’d take me hours and hours to find my way home if I “live” here when I die. And then that’s probably how haunting would start, by me knocking at the living neighbors’ door trying to ask if I could use their wifi to connect my GPS. Sorry, a detour to my story here.

Image found on www.doocab.com

Image found on http://www.doocab.com

Finally the sight of the Museum pulled me out of my random thoughts. Still find it a bit out of place, am I going to see Lego art, ghosts playing with Lego, or the Lego ghost?

No photography is allowed inside the exhibit so all images I’m posting here are from different sources online. I have no intention to get anyone upset here so if you happen to be one of the owners of certain images that you do not want me to use, please let me know and I’ll pull it off right away.

Image found on http://widelec.org/zdjecie,lego-by-nathan-sawaya,3189.html

Yellow“. Image found on http://widelec.org/

The poster piece, Yellow, definitely made it onto the poster for some obvious reasons. It is bold, loud, and powerful. Again it’s the contrast that always makes things interesting. I couldn’t shake the fact that this piece is made of mass manufactured plastic blocks from the factory, but having such a raw and organic form. Many of Sawaya’s pieces are figurative and suggest the idea of transformation, change, and evolvement.

Image found on www.brothers-brick.com

Green“, by Nathan Sawaya. Image found on http://www.brothers-brick.com

And you don’t need me to show you all the amazing images here on my silly blog. If you admire Sawaya’s work like I do, I’m sure Google the god will be happy to show you everything.

Born in Washington, raised in Oregon, Sawaya’s background might not be anything dramatic. What I found fascinating, however, is that the well-known New York based artist was once a corporate lawyer! I have no idea what kind of cases he specialized in, but I wonder if playing with Lego served as an outlet for him for the stress of having to deal with human drama everyday at work. “The hotter the heat, the harder the steel. No pressure, no diamonds.” Hey, the unknown quote is packed with wisdom.

Hear him talk about his art!
“It was really the day my website crashed with too many hits, that I realized *lightbulb nod* it’s time to leave the law and go play with bricks all day.”

I agree with him that many people connect to his art because it is a familiar material that almost everyone has played (or in his case, is still playing) with, but instead of following the instructions and build what’s on the box’s cover, it is filled with emotions and personal stories. He hopes to inspire people to believe that everyone can express themselves by just going home and making some art.

My concern is how to get kids of this technology-addicted generation to once again appreciate and enjoy the simple but wonderful toys like Lego! Seriously, the definition of “fun” has shifted quite a bit.

I particularly enjoy this piece called “Castle“. A huge pop-up book of a boat and a castle, with a beautiful poem printed along the sides.

“This is a poem
About a girl in a boat,
Who kept sailing around
The confines of a moat.
The moat went around
A very big palace
Inside lived a prince,
And his maid Alice.
The prince had no problems.
His life was pure pleasure.
But his love for that girl,
He could not measure.
And the girl loved him back.
Their love had been bound.
But she still sailed on her boat.
Around and around.
She didn’t dare stop
For around the moat’s edge
Were sharp jagged rocks
Where her boat could not wedge.
The prince watched her each day,
And watched her each night.
They’d talk all the time.
But it just wasn’t right.
He begged her to jump.
And leave the boat far below.
But she kept sailing around,
Not ready to go.
“I’ll catch you,” he promised.
There will be no harm.”
And she wanted to go
And live in his arms.
But the boat seemed so safe.
And the jump seemed so big.
She could not just leave,
And abandon her rig.
“Finally,” the prince said,
As he jumped on her boat.
“If you won’t come to me,
Then I’ll sail on the moat!”
And they sailed on her boat,
Just watching the palace.
But they could not go back,
‘Cuz it was now owned by Alice.
The moral of the story,
If you must know:
If you stay where you are,
Then you may never go.
So if one would jump,
And prepare for the hassle,
One day they will find,
They can live in the castle.”

You may have been told a million times in a million ways at this point of life already- how exciting things happen only outside of your comfort zone, yet how many of us have actually gathered enough courage to “jump”? I’m not so sure whether I am the he who lives in the castle or the she who sails on the boat. Doesn’t matter, I’m gonna jump regardless. Since when we all forgot how fearless we once were as kids? So if I fall, I’d be grateful that my papa tossed me away from his arms into the ocean when I was 4 and I somehow managed to stay alive.

And that’s how I know, I’ll be just fine, and so will you.

Saaaaalute! To Mr. Nathan Sawaya and to all jumpers out there.

Socal Beaches Sun and Sand Inspired Necklaces


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Socal Beaches Sun and Sand Inspired Necklaces

rollerprinted patina necklaces

i’m not exactly a sun child. for the record i get pretty grouchy when the heat hits. but i suppose it is easier than having to shuffle snow out of the driveway every morning in order to get to work. oh how i love you socal, and how i hate you socal.

socal sun vs big hat

but since they say that our poor little Earth isn’t getting any cooler in the future, let me try to put a spin on it. now how about a relaxing scroll down the beach, with the sight of adorable clumsy kids trying to build their dream sand castles (or murder the sand crabs), the abs and the asses with a golden touch, and the roar of the almighty ocean? the last time i went to Santa Monica, i stumbled across some hard-to-ignore seaweed, a.k.a. Sargassum. they are full of intense texture that i soon found myself staring and touching, and completely got lost in the fascination. ok, you’re coming home with me.

 socal sunny beaches inspired

so i rinsed them out, let it dry, and was pleased to see that there were no weird gooey substances, or nauseating odor coming out. cos you know, it’s just the mind-blowing nature of the nature! sometimes they do. past experiences, don’t ask.

seaweed rollerprinted copper necklace

after annealing (heating up and softening) the chopped up copper sheets, i placed the seaweed randomly around and played with composition and lines. i used clear tape to secure them onto the metal, so that they wouldn’t move while being rolled out.

seaweed rollerprinted copper necklace

and, it worked!! the fiber in the seaweed is definitely strong enough to hold itself together and make beautiful impression on my copper!!

seaweed rollerprinted copper necklace

pretty subtle right now to the bare eyes but after cleaning and applying my favorite patina- liver of sulphur, they will be a lot more visible.

rollerprinted patina copper necklace on copper chain

here’s one after coloring, with an 18″ copper snake chain.

rollerprinted patina copper pendants

notice how selectively buffing out certain areas creates a strong contrast.

secured by tape, rollerprinted brass with sandpaper

besides seaweed, i also used some good old coarse grit sandpaper and played with some brass.

secured by tape, rollerprinted brass with sandpaper

although sandpapers are much less wavy and lumpy, clear tape is still a great tool for precise placement.

rollerprinted brass with sandpaper

nice and deep texture resembling real rocks surfaces.

green patina and brass necklaces

and for these, i switched to green patina, cos gold and green is one of my favorite color combo.

beach inspired roller printed copper and brass necklaces

at the end i decided to put these SoCal inspired necklaces onto adjustable brown leather cords. unisex in looks AND lengths!

hope you too are enjoying the summer, as well as my behind-the-scene sneak peek!

if you’re interested in purchasing, simply let me know by commenting below. otherwise, they will be going to Co-op 28 Handmade, Vintage & Home pretty soon!




Locations Updates :)


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mylifemylogic- handmade mixed media jewelry with a mission of bringing out your best smile– is now available at the following locations:


En Arts and Crafts
2308 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90027

Japanese antique furniture, pottery, jewelry, Asian art, crafts and more!

Japanese antique furniture, pottery, jewelry, Asian art, crafts and ikebana tips!

 on Main
2711 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405

Mindfulnest on Main Santa Monica

Paintings, drawings, photography, home decor, jewelry, greeting cards, sunshine and the smell of ocean.


175 N. Indian Hill Blvd., B101A, Claremont, CA 91711

Heirloom Claremont CA

Handcrafted up-cycled lamps, home decor, organic candles & soap, jewelry, greeting cards, accessories, and occasional fun workshops!

Co-op 28 Handmade, Vintage & Home
1728 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

Lots of jewelry, vintage dresses, coats, shoes, men's apparel, baby clothes, home decor, oddities, and Hollywood stars regulars!! Their brand new home & furniture department is coming soon!!!

Lots of jewelry, vintage dresses, coats, shoes, men’s apparel, baby clothes, home decor, oddities, and Hollywood stars regulars!! Their brand new home & furniture department is coming soon!!!


so…summer is already in your face but do not ever let that stop you from having fun!! when the malls and their AC bribe just don’t cut it any more for your crave of unique finds, swing by one of these fun houses (or all, i dare you) and quench the thirst of your soul!

HAPPY QUENCHING!! <—this one is specifically for all the fellow metalsmith nerds out there!! peace!


Gigantic Mind-blowing Chrome T-Rex Metal Sculpture by Philippe Pasqua in Paris


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T-Rex by Philippe Pasqua

Photo found on Facebook- Philippe Pasqua Officiel page

remember T-1000, the liquid metal robot from Terminator 2?

i imagine if T-1000 ever come in the form of an animal instead of a human being, it would look somewhat like the absolutely mind-blowing T-Rex sculpture by this great artist, Philippe Pasqua. i particularly enjoy the combination of an extinct animal that lived in the past and the futuristic/ technophobic look. simply stunning and intriguing!

get some paper towels and 409 ready, because chances are, your brain is gonna get all over on the wall and make a giant mess after seeing the other images. mine sure did.

ready? click here :
Giant T-Rex Sculpture by Philippe Pasqua, Seine River, Paris

gotta mention that photographs by Anthony Gelot is just as amazing!

p.s. if you have a T2 and Jurassic Park cross over nightmare tonight, i am not responsible.

PCC flea market treasure hunt! great find!


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Wooden Box handmade for grandchild

you know how sometimes the best only happens on detours? i was at the PCC flea market yesterday specifically for a tool & art supplies booth, where i restock my jewelry polishing tools and other goodies. before i found that booth, my eyes, and almost immediately after, my legs, were magnetized to this weird wooden tool box looking item. the booth owner told me that it’s supposed to be a teaching tool for kids. i suppose if it’s for toddlers, they get to learn how to open and close doors, and for kids a little bit older, they can also learn about the specific kinds of locks? either way i was having so much fun playing with it myself as a big kid, and i gave him 10 bucks without bothering to bargain (which my friend called me stupid for ……-_-) because i was simply having a hard time parting with it already.

after the happy transaction i moved on the the next booth, where the lady pointed out immediately,
oh! that was my box, i sold to a man for a couple of bucks yesterday.
i told her how strange and wonderful this toy/ teaching media is and how fascinating i found it to be. she said it was made for her grandchild which she never got a chance to give to.
as much as i love stories, i usually only listen to what a person is willing to tell. this was obviously something she did not mean to share. luckily the awkwardness was abruptly ended by another customer’s question.
i smiled and made my way out but could not help to wonder how exactly the story goes behind this one of a kind wooden box. now i may never find out, but i see the beauty in it— the beauty of a handmade piece of art once loaded with joy, thoughts and love. something might have gone wrong somewhere afterwards, but the heart and soul of the maker has successfully transferred onto the piece, and because of that, the raw material has come alive.

Wooden Box handmade for grandchild

Wooden Box handmade for grandchild

Wooden Box handmade for grandchild

The Endless Summer Sidewalk Sale, Santa Monica


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Hi all,

Hope everyone is surviving the heat 🙂

Mylifemylogic will be participating in The Endless Summer Sidewalk Sale on the 23rd this Sunday, at Mindfulnest on Main

If you happen to be beach-ing around, swing by!

Find out everything else you need to know at this link:

One Colorado Art & Design Open Market 2013



mylifemylogic will be participating in the one colorado art & design open market this sunday! a bit of a short notice but if you’re in the area, please do swing by!


Sunday, May 26, 2013, 10am – 5pm
Art + Design Open Market

Meet local artists
Buy great art
Support the artistic community

Art + Design Open Market is a one-day event showcasing the art and talent from two of Pasadena’s leading cultural institutions: Pasadena City College and Art Center College of Design.

One-of-a-kind photos, paintings, illustrations, ceramics and handmade apparel and jewelry will line the cobblestone alleys of One Colorado’s historic property. Live music will also fill the courtyard. Honestly, it’s a lovely day.

Since its launch in 2003, Art + Design Open Market has provided visibility for more than 1000 artists and has served as a go-to destination for countless art collectors and enthusiasts.

One hundred percent of all art sale proceeds go directly to the artists.

North East Trees Earth Day Art & Environmental Festival


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Hello all,

Happy half-way-to-weekend day!! Hope all is well. Lately I have been very busy preparing an upcoming show, especially giving my origami and resin jewelry series more new and exciting twists. If you are interested, please stop by, say hi and give me a hug!


Here is the show info:


2013 Earth Day Art and Environmental Festival


Sunday, April 21, 2013 • 11 am – 5 pm, rain or shine!


North East Trees
570 West Avenue 26, Suite 200, Los Angeles, California 90065

mylifemylogic will be bringing tons of new jewelry, konovision (a.k.a. Randy Kono) is bringing all his new creatures, and we will both be wearing some matching smile. Need I say more?

For extra info, please go to http://www.net2013earthdayfest.com/

Hope to see all your pretty faces there!!

XOXO, Chloe