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sterling silver earrings with violet resin as accent

as i always say, i doodle with my torch. so most of the time my process is rather organic, and i follow the voice of the material. but i love how often people come to me and tell me interesting things they see in my pieces, although i did not intend to make them that way. i’ve had people told me that they see a kitty sitting elegantly in a pendant, a smiling face in the sky of the background of a painting, a belly button on a ring (which is actually one of those in the header image of the page, can u find it?)…etc etc. and this time, my mom said these earrings look like googly eyes. i’m sorry to disappoint but they don’t wiggle like the plastic fun things. u’re welcome to get a pair tho, and wiggle your head to see if you get the same effect. after all, this is a blog about ideas right?