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to get that rough but beautiful look of the moon surface, i roller-print sheet sterling silver and bring my torch to a reticulated point in selected areas.

if u’re curious about one of my favorite surface treatments- reticulation– check out this link and see how the experts explain it! http://www.ganoksin.com/borisat/nenam/ajm-reticulation.htm

i then choose this most interesting areas of the sheet and pierce the shape i want. then pierce a hole for framing and spotlighting a piece of carved garnet i bought years ago. next, i forge it to a dome.

then i solder down a small bezel inside a big bezel on a piece of copper. why copper? cos colors are fun!

trim trim trim...

dremel is my friend. he cleans up my mess.

and i twist 2 pieces of sterling wire together, nice and even, then form a ring and solder it to the back as my bail.

a little more fitting before i set the moon down in the bezel just like how i'd set a stone.

the smiling garnet face is then set into the tiny bezel. if i shine like this beautiful face, i'd smile like her too.

after that, the moon.

a little bit of contrast goes a long way. i brush on some liver of sulphur on the outside bezel so that the moon would pop out more.

finished! now let me play among the stars!

"Fly me to the moon" pendant

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