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a year ago i said yes to a decision i cannot be more happy that i’ve made. i opened my heart and allowed myself to trustfall into a pool of love and support, and it has been a bless and a bliss. although i always believe that nobody needs no special occasion to show some love, it is after all nice to remind or be reminded of how grateful you are of what you have. therefore, i decided to dress up my one and only lifesize ken doll- with a handmade copper tie!

first i started with punching a little note, on what’s gonna be the back of the ‘knot’ of the tie— “HAPPY FIRST 365 DAYS”

then i flipped it over, and hammer-textured around the edge

cos of the shape and color, this gorgeous piece of agate i’ve had for the longest time finally got her chance to dance on the stage!! she’d be bezel-set in fine silver as the focal point.

a piece of thicker copper was selected for the bottom part of the tie. i particularly liked the feel it gave on the hand. cut, drilled and filed, the tie was almost ready to go.

then just like the top piece, every single piece was decorated with the same hammer-texturing techniques.

patina was then applied to add a rich and warm color tone with a touch of softness. the edges were buffed off lightly to create contrast.

close up







close up

half jump rings were soldered on for chain

finally, more jump rings were used to connect the pieces together, also to create movement on the body and a negative space for the eyes.

mission success! my man was practically flying with his gift.

smile if you think this is sweet.
thank you for reading my post!