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i’m thrilled to showcase my work at the beautiful Clark’s Gallery located in the heart of downtown LA. stop by and check out Clark’s photo work and my jewelry work!

map to the gallery:   https://plus.google.com/106873126811434227390/about?gl=us&hl=en

gallery website: http://clarkwoodford.com/

set up by the window

necklaces in a variety of media and price range

silver bezel set copper gem necklaces

metal gem tryptic necklaces! roller-printed copper and polished sterling silver

copper lotus necklaces with origami paper sealed with resin

roller printed copper & silver necklaces with prisma color finishing, with matching brooches!

sterling & vintage glass rings with an elegant setting on adjustable band

sterling & vintage glass rings with a non-traditional setting on adjustable band

…and a whole lot more!!

stay tune for details on opening night!!


**special thanks to Clark & Brigham for making this happen, and cheers to the doings!!!**