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i had so much fun making this custom silver pendant for my awesome returning customer Namiko, and it’d be just too mean not to share a little. 😉

so the idea was sparked by Namiko’s new favorite jewelry! her last purchase of 2 copper necklaces…

sprinkle gem, and sprinkle gem dangles

she told me she wears them almost everyday 🙂 🙂 🙂

and she thought it’d be neat if she could have another neck piece from me, that represents her love of her two lovely daughters, Miya & Ami. we went through my other pieces, and she was drawn to my reticulated silver series. particularly this

reticulated silver pendant

so after a couple rounds of brainstorming sessions— discussing every details from material, size, style, tones…etc, we decided to make one similar to this, but have the girls’ names hand-pierced out and soldered onto the inside of the concave area. and here i go…

starting from a plain sterling silver disc

annealed, domed, then torched it up again to a temperature right below the melting point! and the organic wrinkled pattern was formed. set aside, just like cooking.

after measuring the desired size, i started cutting out the girls’ names. Ami this was!

saw saw saw…..

…and saw a little more

now little Ami awaited

Miya’s turn!

as delicate as my saw blade could get!

then i lightly dapped out the names to match the inner curve of the disc

adjusted the names to an aesthetically pleasing position, and made sure the curves fit

extremely carefully soldered down. due to the scale of the names, even 0.1 sec overheating would result in a puddle of sad sad melted silver.

next, 2 tiny teeny coils of sterling silver made a simple bail hidden behind the back!


after tumbling it in a cleaning solution for about 2 hours, i brushed on a patina solution to darken it. the names got lost? no worries, i’m not done yet!

i selectively buffed out the edge and the names, drilled a few holes, and finally the form of the pendant was completed!

finished piece!

once again thank you Namiko for the fun project and the continued support! to all mighty mamas, CHEERS!!