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the eye, one of the most beautiful subjects i love to work with, has never failed to amaze me in many different ways. perhaps it’s simply the varieties of shapes and the colors they come in; or the symbolic meaning behind; the sight and the insight; but most of all, the connection to the mind. have you ever noticed someone who wears the most fabulous eye make up with the classiest long eyelashes and the perfect amount of glitter, who happens to have the emptiest out-of-focus stare? one that also wears a cheerful smile that disconnects with what is shown in the eyes? and how about a pair of tired winkled eyes with dark circle as black as the pandas’, that somehow shows a beautiful spark? don’t even get me started with the 15 millions different kinds of tears. i am fascinated by that subtle but unmistakable truth that comes through the eyes. Window to the soul, a well-earned title.

so this time, extending the fun of my metal gems series, http://mylifemylogic.bigcartel.com/category/metal-gems, i’m bringing the eye on for a new twist! here is the step-by-step making of for one of my metal gem eye necklaces.

starting with the good old copper discs

using a custom made patterned punch, i hammer stripes onto the copper disc

around the edge i go…

resembling the pattern around the iris

then i drill a hole for that spark in the eye

reheat, anneal and soften, then form into a dome

i then sketch out the shape of an eye with a marker and start sawing into the brass sheet

saw saw saw away

…times two!

then i solder the iris down, leaving more room on the top than the bottom for the next step…

then i doodle i little more with my marker

with the same patterned punch tool, i add some eyelashes, and decorative dots around the iris

next i shape a piece of fine silver wire to the right curve, and fuse it on top of the iris as the eyelid

left eye having a blast in the bath, right eye catches the camera!

solder the chains on, i clean it throughly and darken it with a patina solution

last step is to buff out selected parts to bring out contrast, and the soul is transformed!

this pair has a different shape, and silver rings framing the irises!

and this pair has etched paisley pattern irises, set into fine silver bezels!

more styles available now at www.mylifemylogic.com

hope you enjoy the blinky blings!