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knowing my work pretty well, an old friend of mine come to me with a really fun project in mind—turning her wisdom teeth into a piece of truly one of a kind wearable art!! i can’t be more thrilled to flip on all those lightbulbs in my head for a project like this. and i am especially thankful for how much freedom she allows me to have in creating this, both aesthetically and conceptually.

so here we go, our brainstorming session goes as smooth as the coffee we’re enjoying during the meeting

after throwing stuff out and narrowing them down, the final sketch looks like this

here are the gems

i start with a piece of sterling silver

and i heat it up til it’s right before the melting point, selectively wrinkle up certain areas more than the other, to create the reticulated rich textured surface she requested. then, i trim it out.

next, i dap the reticulated silver into a dome, and back and forth i do some fitting and more thinking

copper tooth-base!

i’m seeing it…

after punching a few lines on the top of the tooth resembling texture on the real teeth, i made an oval fine silver bezel, slightly larger than the reticulated piece, and solder it down

…because i wanna place the reticulated piece this way!

closing down the bezel in a wavy form to get the ruffle look, giving the bold and chunky piece a hint of femininity

after slightly curving the root for more volume, adding the bails in the back and polishing it, the pendant is 70% done

another thing my friend likes about my work is the color tone i use dearly on my copper pieces— the deep brown patina look!

last, definitely not least but rather crucial part: to resin it up!! after 3 days of anxious waiting, it’s completely cured and ready to shine!!!

i’m very happy with the outcome (:

hope cherry does too!!

thank you so much cherry, for reminding me how much i love my job! can’t wait to see this on you!!

if anyone has a personal project idea like this, please feel free to message me! there’s nothing more fun than visualizing and bringing an awesome idea into life!!