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Lydia, a good friend of mine has been a dolphin fan for as long as she could remember, not just for the cute appearance but also the intelligence and other human-liked qualities. her love of dolphin extends to an urge to make it visualized. and what else makes it just this much more personal? a piece of topaz stone, which is her lovely daughter Ellie’s birthday stone. my job? choreograph the two elements into one perfectly harmonious piece of wearable art.

the very rough first draft before my topaz hunt looks like this. the scale of the dolphin and the stone are adjusted later on due to Lydia’s request of a more delicate size.

a piece of beautiful aqua topaz i found at the costa mesa gem show—i specifically pick a simple round cut instead of the faceted one for its organic look, which goes better with the line quality of the sleek dolphin.

starting with the little fine silver bezel for the topaz.

soldering! torching it up!

shaping it to a perfect circle.

then i solder the bezel down onto a sterling silver disc, with my name/logo punched onto the back!

here comes the dolphin! and my favorite sawing of delicate shape! i call it my sawblade drawing.

a little bit of filing to knock down sharp edges is crucial.

next i’m gonna drill a tiny hole and “draw” a tiny letter ‘e’, in honor of baby Ellie!

really carefully ‘writing’ my letter.

really really carefully…

annealing (heating to a workable sturdiness) the dolphin in order to form a slight curve for more volume.

subtly and gently…

then i form the band for the ring.

*ping *ping *ping *ping…..more hammering

after forming it into a nice and even circle, i cut it open again for the open-end design.

after adding a silver ball as the eye, this cutie is awakened and ready to board.

after soldering the bezel onto the other end of the band and some cleaning and polishing, i set the topaz in.

push push, hug hug


mission accomplished!!

thanks again Lydia, for thinking of me for your custom need (more like want, yes!), hope u’re enjoying it!!

*custom inquiry? don’t be shy! leave me a message here or shoot me an email at mylifemylogic@gmail.com , i’ll get to you as soon as my claws can!*