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Happy Tuesday everyone! I would like to introduce you all to the very important 3 elements in my new life as an emerging artist.

Salamando (sky)

Riesgo (earth)

Galadine (sea)

These 3 characters were first brought to life back when i was in college. To be honest I didn’t give it as much thought then. They somehow just crawled their way out from deep underneath my subconsciousness. All I knew was that they were meant to be something more.

…and here’s a shot of the original piece.

“Harlequin Trio” 2008 (copper, enamel)

God knows why, after all these years, they finally revisited me, and struck me in an entirely new angle.

Riesgo fears absolutely nothing, Galadine patiently waits for the perfect moment to rise, and sky is not even a limit for Salamando. The three of them represent the keys for me to open the doors to every amazing opportunity, which paves the long long path of recognizing and assuring my very own purpose.

Riesgo means risk, it is what I’m bound to take to make things happen. It tolerates no excuses, worries, negative thoughts and any possible boundaries. It is the unstoppable action-taker, with the “I do what I like” attitude.

Galadine comes from Galateia, the Greek goddess of calm seas and Undine, a spirit that enjoyed stormy water according to the theories of Paracelsus. I combined the two contrasting concepts because I strongly believe that none of them exist without the one other. It is the wise one that understands and takes advantage of timing and chances. Like most predators, they know that the waiting part is just as crucial as the attacking moment.

Last but not least, Salamando. Paracelsus imagined it to be a creature that is immune to fire and could therefore tread through it without sustaining injury. I personally see it as the out-of-the-box thinker. It represents pliancy— the quality much needed for the emotional prep of failure and discouragement.

The trio run a smooth cycle for the creative process— I wait, I pounce, I take the outcome and I go on and on and on. They are my inspiration, balance, guardians, and most importantly joy!

These pieces are made out of sterling silver, copper, brass, resin, paper and wood, currently set up at the Hive Gallery http://hivegallery.com/2010/ in downtown LA for the fourth annual Master Blaster of Sculpting exhibition, along with numerous mind-blowing work of real masters out there!!
Address: 729 South Spring St Los Angeles, CA 90014
Event info: http://hivegallery.com/2010/exhibitions/opening-november-3rd-master-blasters-of-sculpture-4-show-over-40-sculptural-artists-exhibit-their-masterpieces/

Show opening would be this Saturday November 3rd, 8-11:30pm, and it will run til December 1st.
Did I mention that the show is FREE?!?!? WHAT???


Special thanks to Jeremy Kennedy, who helped me with naming the characters, and to verbalize my concepts in the mist of my chaotic babbling.