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T-Rex by Philippe Pasqua

Photo found on Facebook- Philippe Pasqua Officiel page

remember T-1000, the liquid metal robot from Terminator 2?

i imagine if T-1000 ever come in the form of an animal instead of a human being, it would look somewhat like the absolutely mind-blowing T-Rex sculpture by this great artist, Philippe Pasqua. i particularly enjoy the combination of an extinct animal that lived in the past and the futuristic/ technophobic look. simply stunning and intriguing!

get some paper towels and 409 ready, because chances are, your brain is gonna get all over on the wall and make a giant mess after seeing the other images. mine sure did.

ready? click here :
Giant T-Rex Sculpture by Philippe Pasqua, Seine River, Paris

gotta mention that photographs by Anthony Gelot is just as amazing!

p.s. if you have a T2 and Jurassic Park cross over nightmare tonight, i am not responsible.